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Game of the Week

Toon Blast

Our Game of the Week this time is not only one of the best rated puzzle games in the Android gaming world, but also one of the titles that features the most loving characters. Ready to match-3 and explode the balloons in Toon Blast!

From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game. With almost unlimited levels, Toon Blast is one of those casual games that are perfect to kill some time anywhere, anytime. The gameplay is pretty straight forward: you’ll have a limited number of moves to clear your board, and on each move, you’ll make disappear 3 (or more) boxes of the same color. But that’s not all, some of the items you need to get rid of, like balloons, bubbles or boxes, may require more than one hit to completely go away.

For each level you complete, you’ll receive rewards, like coins and power-ups that you can then use to get some extra aid to complete the hardest levels. Some of them are rockets that will destroy a whole row or column, and others are disco balls that explode all the tiles of a specific color. It may look like a complex match-3 kind of game, but you’ve got nothing to worry about since your favorite characters from Toy Blast are here to aid you, including Cooper Ct, Wally Wolfd and Bruno Bear, along with... your team friends! Once you reach level 20 you can join a team to get free lives, free coins and even chat with other players.

Toon Blast is here to continue all the fun of Toy Blast... and it delivers! Make sure you download it now to join a world of puzzle entertainment.

Toon Blast
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