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Game of the Week
Kingdoms GloryBeing a Lord is quite a cool thing, especially when you get everything inherited and you can just focus on enjoying the nice perks of lord-life. But in our Game of the Week things are slightly more complex and you’ll need to build your civilization from scratch, which means surfing several ages of history and of course, making some enemies on the way. Ready for Kingdoms Glory?
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Game of the Week
FortniteWe can call it the Game of the Week.... or Game of the Decade. Fortnite really needs no presentation because virtually all gamers (not only Android ones) have already given it a try. It might be because of the unique looks and outfits of its characters, the stunning graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4 or the creative feature... It doesn’t matter; the truth is Fortnite has been a phenomenon in the Android gaming world for years and we’re here to celebrate it!
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Coming Soon
YeagerAre you ready for what’s coming up in the Android gaming world? 2022 has just started and we have already got a glimpse of what we can expect in terms of BIG titles. And we mean BIG in every aspect, Yeager seems to feature a deep and immersive storyline, stunning graphics (just check the trailer...) and innovative dynamics in the combat system. Are you also excited about this new RPG?
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Game of the Week
Pokémon UNITEIs there a better way of starting the year? Our favorite franchise brings back these little creatures to the Android world with a well-known concept, MOBAs. Although the innovation provided by Pokémon GO is hard to replicate, we can see in Pokémon UNITE the potential to guarantee hours and hours of fun. Ready for our Game of the Week?
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Best of 2021 image
Best of 2021Many things have happened during 2021, but most important, many Android things happened! We’ve gathered some of the best titles published during the last 12 months so you don’t miss the highlights of the Android gaming world. Some of them excelled in terms of downloads, and others are here because they truly surprised us. Anyway, we believe it’s a great way of closing 2021!
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Your Opinion Matters! image
Your Opinion Matters!As you’ve probably noticed, Aptoide is a constantly evolving app store. Some time ago we didn’t even have features like e-Skills games, editorial articles or the dark mode, but thanks to your valuable opinion, we’ve worked hard to include these features in the biggest alternative app store. Your opinion helps us understand what you would like to see in Aptoide in the future. That’s why this is your chance to express yourself! Do you think your idea is too crazy? Challenge us! Fill in the survey below and let us know what the next Aptoide version should include.
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Game of the Week
Lineage2MIt’s been a few weeks since we first saw the trailer of our now Game of the Week. Although the expectations were very high due to the movie-like style and stunning graphics, we all stayed rather skeptical... it wouldn’t be the first time that a new game fails to keep up with expectations. Well, Lineage2M is here to carry on the popular Lineage2 franchise, and we can only say: Be ready for the next level of a massive multiplayer RPG!
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Game of the Week
Downhill LegendHave you been walking a lot since last week’s Game of the Week? If Pikmin Bloom wasn't enough reason for you to get out and move a bit more, this time we’ve got another title that will give you some great rewards for your exercise. Ready for one of the first fitness-arcade games in the world? Say hello to Downhill Legend, our latest Game of the Week!
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Game of the Week
Pimkin BloomOur Game of the Week this time is brought to us by one of the biggest legends in the Android gaming world. Niantic broke all records back in 2016 with Pokémon GO in terms of downloads, users, and hype. Although many of us are still playing that big hit, we’ve been waiting for Niantic to bring us something new... and here it is! Please welcome our new Game of the Week, Pikmin Bloom!
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Seven Knights 2 image
Game of the Week
Seven Knights 2This long-expected sequel has just arrived with tons of new things for us to enjoy, and we’re ready to tell you everything about it. The vast number of heroes, the detailed graphics and the deep intriguing story of Seven Knights are back to take you one more time into a world of chaos and wonders. So be ready for the action because Seven Knights 2 is our Game of the Week!
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