DQ DAI: A Hero's Bonds image
Game of the Week
DQ DAI: A Hero's BondsIt’s anime week at Aptoide! This means that we get to combine a great action RPG with some of the best characters from one of our favorite animes. Lots of different weapons and equipment, teamwork, and beautiful graphics. Say HEY to our Game of the Week, the latest game from the Dragon Quest saga, A Hero’s Bonds!
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Beatstar image
Game of the Week
BeatstarHave you ever felt like unleashing your inner David Guetta? You’re not alone, and that’s why music games exist. There are a lot of these games out there that guarantee many hours of entertainment, but we’re talking about quite a special one. The rhythms, the playlist, and some very special features make Beatstar a great title, and that’s why we’ve declared it our Game of the Week!
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Marvel Future Revolution image
Game of the Week
Marvel Future RevolutionOne of the most popular franchises in the world has come to Android in the form of something we truly love: an open-world RPG game! Not only are the characters just what we want, but the gameplay is also very entertaining. Ready to join Black Widow, Spider-Man, and many more in Marvel Future Revolution?
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Magnum Quest image
Le jeu de la semaine
Magnum QuestCette semaine, tout est question d'aventures amusantes, de stratégie et de graphismes 3D exceptionnels. Cela faisait longtemps que nous n'avions pas présenté un RPG comme jeu de la semaine... mais le moment est venu ! Des héros légendaires, des scénarios variés et des batailles épiques avec des joueurs du monde entier. Laissez-nous vous présenter Magnum Quest !
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My Friend Pedro image
Le jeu de la semaine
My Friend PedroComme dans un film d'action américain classique : votre femme et vos deux enfants ont été kidnappés... Que faites-vous ? Vous les recherchez et vous tuez leurs ravisseurs, bien sûr ! C'est le scénario de notre jeu de la semaine et, même s'il peut sembler un peu profond et complexe, la vérité est que ce qui nous a réellement captivés, c'est sa simplicité. Découvrons Mon ami Pedro !
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Contra Returns image
Game of the Week
Contra ReturnsWho’s a fan of the classics? Our Game of the Week this time will bring great memories to many millennials, but it'll also help new generations discover what nowadays shooting games are based on. Real-time combat, different gameplay modes and a great characters you can only admire. Ready for Contra Returns?
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Albion Online image
Game of the Week
Albion OnlineMany describe this game as a player-driven economy, but we prefer to talk about its creativity, exploration, and thrilling battles. We’re basically talking about a whole world that you can craft to your own tastes and call it home. Sound good? Of course it does! And that’s why Albion Online has been crowned as Game of the Week!
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Hollywood Story image
Game of the Week
Hollywood StoryYour chance to become a true star has arrived, and there’s no better place to achieve your dreams than Hollywood. With amazing graphics, endless customization options, and an addictive story, our Game of the Week will keep you entertained for hours. Are you ready for Hollywood Story?
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RuneScape image
Game of the Week
RuneScapeMassive worlds, a VERY rich fantasy story, and a long journey full of adventures, mystery and fun. Our Game of the Week this time has everything we want on an MMORPG. If you are into all this, plus into fighting and intense characters, keep reading to learn everything about RuneScape!
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FIFA Soccer image
Game of the Week
FIFA SoccerMaybe you noticed that something was missing in 2020. Ok, we missed a lot of things, but now we’re talking about something BIG. That’s right, some of the largest tournaments of the most important sport in the world were postponed to 2021. Have you heard of Euro 2020 and Copa América? and that's one of the reasons why FIFA Soccer is our Game of the Week!
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